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African Telecoms Oil & Gas Networks

TSA and Tom Soja have provided analysis and/or strategic support for the following African telecom projects and countries:

  • Afrilinks – Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria
  • AfricaOne – all 38+ coastal countries in Africa
  • Infinity Worldwide Telecom Group of Companies – Nigeria, Ghana, Europe
  • Seacom – all coastal countries of East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa
  • 5-P Holdings – all coastal countries in Africa plus Oman and UAE in the Middle East
  • BahariCom / UhuruNet – connecting all African coastal countries plus inland connectivity to more than a dozen land-locked nations
  • MainOne – Nigeria, Ghana, UK network, due diligence support to Lender’s Consortium and Insurers from commercial banks, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Export Credit Authorities (ECAs)
  • FOTON – offshore oil & gas network in Nigeria, 6-company consortium of oil & gas companies
  • SOOC – offshore oil & gas network in Angola, 5-company consortium of oil & gas companies plus a specialized telco operator
  • GOBN – offshore oil & gas network in Ghana
  • SACS – South Atlantic Cable System – first direct South America-Africa cable (Angola – Brazil)

Submarine Transmission Equipment and Upgrades Supplier

TSA provided global market analysis to a supplier of optical networking equipment including the replacement and upgrades market on legacy submarine cable systems.

Client is now a dominant non-OEM supplier of submarine cable line termination equipment (SLTE) and network management systems

Venture Capital-backed Innovative Regional Systems Supplier

TSA provided global market analysis and competitor / competitive product benchmarking to a supplier of novel small form-factor regional fiberoptic submarine cable repeaters and equipment.

The underlying technology and Intellectual Property (IP) was successfully sold. The technology became an integral element of a new emerging global systems supplier solution

Global Private Submarine Networks

TSA provided global market analysis to a privately financed and entrepreneurially-driven developer of fiberoptic submarine cable networks leading to the first global, private, independent player in the industry.

TSA provided insights and investor support in all major traffic routes and regions – Transatlantic, Transpacific, North-South Americas, intra-Asia.

Client subsequently became the first multi-billion-dollar submarine cable “unicorn” through a highly successful IPO.

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